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  • Served on District 203 Board since 2013

  • Saved Taxpayers $32.7 Million

  • Highest Number of Exemplary Schools in the State for K-12 Districts

  • All-day Kindergarten

  • Expanded Early Childhood Services

  • Expanded Summer Learning opportunities

  • Focused on Closing Achievement Gaps

Illinois State Board of Education

'Those Who Excel' School Board Member

Innovative Leader with a Passion for Education


Dear District 203 Community,


It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you over the last eight years on the school board.  My approach has always been to be open and honest and to govern in a transparent way, which is evident from my participation at board of education meetings.  Along the way, I have encouraged and listened to the comments and suggestions from our community on both sides of every issue.  This past year has been dominated by the global pandemic and our implementation of remote learning.  I have worked to prioritize the health of our students, their families, our teachers, staff and community with providing the best education possible under these harrowing circumstances.  There are no easy paths or simple answers to education during the pandemic, but I am confident that our current plan for hybrid learning will provide choices for families to have their students learn in-person or remote to meet their needs. With my years of board experience, I know I can provide thoughtful leadership and continuity through this crisis. Our school district is recognized as an outstanding district throughout the state and the nation and I know that I have contributed to our legacy of excellence.


I appreciate your support for my re-election and an opportunity to continue serving our community on the Board of Education for Naperville School District 203.



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